Developer, Producer and Publisher of digital games. Platforms: Switch, Xbox Series, PlayStation, Stadia, iOS, Android, PC, Mac.


Early history

FDG Entertainment was founded in 2001 to produce download games for Java-compatible mobile phones. The games have been offered on operator portals and were pre-installed on millions of Samsung color phones worldwide.

After that

With the release of advanced smartphones like iPhone and Android devices, the company started to produce console quality mobile games and quickly became a successful global player on the App Store and Google Play with over 100 Million iOS and Android game downloads to date. FDG Entertainment teams up with the best indie developers around the world to deliver highly creative games. A big network of partners ensures best quality for each genre with greatly varying styles and gameplay mechanics. FDG Entertainment is privately funded and 100% independent.



Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom YouTube

Banana Kong YouTube

Oceanhorn GOTY Edition YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Beyond Ynth, Winner of 7th IMGA Grand Prix" - Barcelona, 17 February, 2011
  • "Quality Index Finest Game Publisher" - January, 2013
  • "Oceanhorn, Best of 2013 App Store (Apple)" - December, 2013
  • "Banana Kong, Paperama; Best of 2014 Google Play" - Google, December, 2014

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Philipp Doeschl
Co-Founder, Executive Producer, FDG Entertainment

Markus Goerl
Co-Founder, Business & Legal, FDG Entertainment

Thomas Kern
Co-Founder, Executive Producer, FDG Entertainment

Dominik Aicher
Producer, FDG Entertainment

Alexandra Esche
QA Manager, FDG Entertainment

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