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November, 2014

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Crystal Siege

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A stunning Tower Defense and RPG hybrid with incredible attention to detail. Control your avatar and engage head-on with gruesome monsters while summoning defensive towers - or choose to observe the fight from a distance and support your towers with mighty spells. Your best strategy will completely destroy the demonic horde. Investigate the surroundings and use them to your advantage. In the land of Crystal Siege each battlefield is different and unique. Smash bridges, freeze the water, trigger a mighty avalanche - only if you master each maps quirks and secrets you shall be victorious. Nothing beats proper loot and epic equipment. Find the best weapons and armor to become a living legend! Are you up for the task, oh mighty hero of legend?


Back in 2012 Vitamin Games reached out to FDG-Entertainment because they were in need of a publisher for the sequel to their iOS TD game "Treasure Defense". Luckily both parties shared the same vision: make a high quality TD game like no other on the App Store. From that point on the game went through many iterations and design evolutions until it arrived at its current state. It took two and a half year to evolve and polish Crystal Siege to its final form, but it was definitely worth it. We think Crystal Siege is a fresh breeze in a genre that has gone stale in the past years. Since its initial release for iPad in November 2014 the team now is hard at work to bring the game to iPhone and Android in early 2015. Stay tuned for more Crystal Siege goodness soon to come!


  • Unique blend between TD and RPG
  • Responsive and easy to master touch controls
  • Spot-on audio-visual experience
  • Jaw dropping retina graphics
  • Millions of unique items for your hero
  • Master over a dozen mighty elemental spells
  • Breathtaking boss battles


Crystal Siege (iOS) Debut Trailer 30 sec YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • ""Pocket Gamer Gold Award" " Pocket Gamer, November, 2014

Selected Articles

  • ""Even a jaded non-fan of tower defence should be able to have a good time with Crystal Siege HD ""
    - Rob Rich, Pocket Gamer
  • ""The blend of RPG elements with tower defense makes for a fantastic combination""
    - Carter Dotson , Touch Arcade

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